New builds bring many advantages, with today’s way-of-life at the centre of their design. Due to Covid our priorities have shifted dramatically, making it more important than ever to purchase a house that reflects a modern style of living. So how are future development plans incorporating all the right elements to thrive in today’s ‘new normal’? 

Modern family life

Many disgruntled families drove the housing boom of 2020 from a dissatisfaction with their current home, brought sharply into focus during the recurring lockdowns. An increased demand for space and unprecedented amounts of time spent inside resulted in stressful living conditions, with home-schooling and the work-from-home revolution making it clear that peace and privacy had become more important than ever.

But some people reported more positive experiences and found that more time spent with their family in close quarters benefitted their relationships. So, whether it’s a designated home office for your new hybrid-role or opting for a more open plan living space for quality time together, there has never been a better time to reassess what you want from a new property.

Less commuting, less polluting

The lockdown periods have forced a shift for a large share of the working population to set up from dining room tables, spare rooms — and even their own bedrooms! This has led to a huge demand for dedicated workspace within new property developments, with housebuilders such as Redrow offering customers built-in options to work more comfortably from home.

In addition to considering the work-from-home revolution, many new proposals for upcoming housing developments include workspace on-site. This allows residents to walk to a professional workspace, reducing traffic, pollution and stress, and injecting cash into the immediate local area. People working locally, whether from their home or at their local workspace, brings demand for local amenities, such as a pharmacy, post office and bakery. Planning new house builds to have access to essential shops within walking distance will help to increase buyer demand, as well as being a triumph for convenience and the environment!

A thriving economy on your doorstep

A long-faltering habit that has been decimated with lockdowns is high street shopping. Big shopping districts at the centre of large towns and cities no long hold the allure of buzzy atmosphere and human interaction. Instead, many would say heading to their local town for a shopping trip is no longer a treat, but more of a trial. Empty shops and run-down fascias are becoming common, with the rise of internet shopping and the fall of Central Business Districts drawing people in for work each day pushing some big brand retailers to make closures.

On the other hand, smaller, independent High Streets have seen a huge resurgence, having shown great resilience during the pandemic; people were eager to support local, independent traders and demonstrate their loyalty.

It’s no secret that independent high streets have always been hugely desirable to potential buyers. In 2013 it was even reported that ‘a High Street with a healthy smattering of good independent shops has added an extra £40,000 to average local house prices over the past decade’. For property developers, this makes planning the position of community shops and traders extremely valuable in new housing developments.

Open space for head space

An early challenge that the pandemic brought was only being permitted one hour’s exercise within a certain perimeter of a home address. This meant that any outside space within the bounds of a home were seen as a huge advantage — especially during warmer seasons. Nearby green spaces quickly became a luxury, with an emphasis on having a garden, or a peaceful place to enjoy the outdoors.

That’s why it’s important to consider what new property and housing developments can bring to al-fresco leisure activities. The National Office for Statistics reported that, along with the rise in outdoor exercise, people’s ‘interest in nature surged’. In May 2020, the People and Nature Survey reported that 36% of respondents said they were spending more time outside during the pandemic than before. This rose to 46% in July 2020. So, whether it’s a garden, courtyard, or communal area for new build developments to share, the coronavirus lockdown highlighted a great interest from house buyers to be closer to nature, having seen the value from a high-rise window!

Following the drastic changes to our lifestyle priorities, it’s a key time for property developers to consider how new build homes can better reflect modern life. At Clarity Homes and Commercial, we can support architects and fellow building experts complete housing development projects that have value to their future buyers’ interests.

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