With a dip in the level of construction projects being carried out in early 2021, as well as concerns over the availability of building supplies throughout the coronavirus pandemic, building contractors and other professionals in the construction industry have admittedly faced some new challenges. But there’s still reason to be positive – here’s why.

How uncertainty has hit the building industry

The last few years have had their fair share of unpredictable challenges. From uncertainty around how Brexit will affect the British economy, the COVID-19 pandemic, or a shortage of building materials occurring across the UK, many sectors have suffered, unsure of what twists may lie on the horizon. But as the country continues to ease out of lockdown restrictions, we’re pleased to see that new construction projects have actually begun to surpass previously recorded levels.

According to market insight collected by Builders’ Conference, £6.2 billion in new contract awards were delivered in June 2021, compared to an average of £4 billion per month. Although material shortages still currently remain a concern, the majority of contracts have been secured now to meet future supply, showcasing the industry’s strength and resilience against uncertainty – as well as a positive return in demand for new building projects.

The British construction sector is more active than ever

As reported by The Guardian, Britain’s construction sector has now had its sharpest pick-up in activity since 2014, with a promising across-the-board increase in house-building, commercial projects and infrastructure work. The IHS Markit/CCips construction activity index also registered 61.7 in March, up from 53.3 in February, signalling the strongest rate of output growth since September 2014.

From this information a new boom for construction projects may be on the rise, demonstrating the resilience of the UK construction industry as the country looks to rebuild out of lockdown.

A sense of unpredictability has been shared across all industry sectors in the past year and a half, with British construction seeing its own share of challenges. Despite this, promising statistics from 2021 signal an interesting and positive upturn for construction professionals to deliver new projects in the UK.

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