The UK government recently amended the Planning Practice Guidance (PPG) to confirm the requirement for first homes to be included in new development proposals. So, what could this mean for architects and building experts working on housing developments in the future?

New government Planning Practice Guidance

On 24 May 2021, the government issued a Written Ministerial Statement and amended current Planning Practice Guidance (PPG) to confirm that first homes will be required as part of new housing development proposals.

What qualifies as a ‘first home’?

First homes are categorised as affordable housing – discounted by a minimum of 30% from the market sale price. These properties are to be sold to first time buyers with a combined annual income of less than £80,000, with a price no higher than £250,000, or £420,000 in Greater London.

What do these planning changes mean for construction experts?

Under new PPG, first homes should account for at least 25% of all affordable housing units and is expected to be delivered on-site. This will be a welcome change for buyers looking to take their first steps onto the property market, as well as an exciting shift for developers to consider new planning proposals — although it will not have a significant impact on current projects. Control and delivery of a proportion of affordable housing will now be placed with the housebuilder, but it’s likely that local planning authorities and neighbourhood planning groups will look to implement local level policies where relevant.

With the UK government having amended the Planning Practice Guidance (PPG), we at Clarity Homes and Commercial are glad to see more opportunities available for first time buyers in the property market. We’re looking forward to supporting architects and fellow building experts working on housing development projects through this upcoming change.

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