Executing a build with sustainability in mind will not only help support your Corporate Social Responsibility strategies, but also save you money in the long term. By investing in renewable technology, you could power your build’s lighting and facilities in a less wasteful way. We’ve put together a list of the elements you might want to consider.

Reduce energy needs

Whilst insulation might be your first thought when it comes to reducing strain on your energy bills, remember to look at other ways to save on energy, like good natural lighting. A light-filled space reduces the need for artificial light, so consider creating sun traps within your build. Balance this out with appropriate shade for the summer and you’ll also be reducing the need for air conditioning in warmer weather.

Putting renewable energy at the heart of your commercial construction project

Introducing renewable energy into your build will not only improve your project’s carbon footprint, it can be friendly to your pocket, too. Using solar panels and other renewable energy sources could make you eligible to receive a possible reimbursement from the National Grid, which now has more than 34% of its generation source from renewable energies.

Using renewable methods is going to require one very important aspect – space. Whether you require suitable roof space for solar panels to fit comfortably, or a large area of land to create room for wind power equipment, always ensure adequate space is factored into your project.

Think about transport

Sustainability can go beyond your construction project itself. Encouraging staff using the building to consider more sustainable transport methods is a great way to preserve your build’s eco-friendly ethos. This can be achieved in several ways:

  • Including electric vehicle charging points: If staff have the option to charge up their electric vehicles at work, it’s more of an incentive for them to invest in these more sustainable vehicles, as charging it up for the commute won’t be a hindrance
  • Introducing safe pedestrian and cycle ways: When entering a public or private establishment on foot, there’s nothing worse than having difficulty navigating the car park and narrowly avoiding accidents. By outlining a safe, clear pathway for walkers and cyclists to follow, they may feel more encouraged to do so, rather than commuting by car
  • Build bike storage: By providing a secure, sheltered area for cyclists to keep their bikes, an eco-friendly commute is more incentivised
  • Build showers: A sweaty day at the office may be what’s putting off some members of staff from making the leap to cycling to work — incorporating showers into your workplace will remove this problem!

 Keeping sustainability in mind during a build is a brilliant way to showcase your company ethos, help your carbon footprint and save you money in the long term. By investing in renewable technology, and strategizing how you can encourage eco-consciousness outside of the build itself, you can unlock the key to a less wasteful construction project.

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