When it comes to managing a construction project, we want to ensure everyone stays in the loop. Our app allows both team members and clients to see what stage the project is at. Here’s how we incorporate our technology within our project management to keep a build running smoothly.

Our project management app

We thrive on effective project management, keeping construction organised, easy and as pain-free as possible for our clients by utilising state-of-the-art technology. Our clients can always have peace of mind, as they can see through their portal on our app exactly what stage the project is at. Should any issues arise, it is logged in the system, keeping clients aware that if there is a delay, they have the reasons why.

A useful tool in our management arsenal

Whilst our app is a fantastic tool for keeping everyone notified of a build’s progress, it is just one of the ways that we keep on time and on budget. Here are some other ways we keep everything running smoothly:

  • Accurate budgets: When planning a build, we provide itemised costings for every project. This gives our clients confidence that our quote is what they will pay, with no hidden extras. Where we cannot provide a precise figure in advance of starting the work, our team will provide sensible guide cost bands to give the most accurate cost prediction
  • Frequent check-ins with clients: We believe effective communication is central to building projects running smoothly. We promise our clients excellent communication and are in discussion regularly with them and our team of contractors to make sure that everyone is on the same page about the project’s progress.
  • Cleanliness: We take care to clean up as best as we can at the end of each day to minimise the impact for our clients, especially if they are living on site throughout the project – and we always provide a complimentary clean at the end of the project.

Our reliable, professional team of experts excel at project management, boosted by our intelligent technology to ensure your construction project is always delivered on time. Through our comprehensive toolkit of communication, tech and efficiency, we always keep clients in the loop.

Our expert builders at A. Mann Building Contractors are here to discuss your building project in Kent and Sussex. Please call us on T: 0330 128 1021 or email: ambuilding@hotmail.co.uk