Managing an office construction project can be stressful if not adequately planned, especially in times where the approach towards office-based working is changing. However, it’s indisputable that there will always be a need for in-person meetings in our new blended working world. Whether you’re starting afresh with a whole new office building or are looking for ways to adapt an existing space, here are the questions you should be asking yourself before consulting a building contractor team.

What’s your budget for this office construction project?

Office construction projects require one of the largest budgets of all. According to cost estimate software Costmodelling, office construction can cost anywhere from £1,730 to £2,430 per square metre. Ironing out your budget early on will make things much easier when it comes to looking for quotes.

Other cost considerations occur when looking at the location. Is the project a renovation of a pre-existing building? If so, will you need to budget for temporary office space for your staff, and what will it cost to store the furniture that’s currently housed there?  You might additionally need to set aside budget for buying new furniture.

Also, it’s advisable to appoint someone within your team as the key point of contact to liaise directly with the contractor, which may require you to temporarily hire someone new for additional resource.

Have you prioritised health, safety and Covid-19 precautions?

Of course, your project needs to be compliant with current Building Regulations, such as an adequate number of fire exits. In our current working world, you should also consider how much space you will need – is there enough room for the desired staff capacity, and room for them to socially distance if required?

During construction, you also want to ensure that you’re using competent contractors that stick to Covid-19 precautions wherever necessary.

Are you exploring eco-friendly construction options?

Sustainability has the ability to increase the appeal of your project, as well as reducing your carbon footprint, which will both help support your Corporate Social Responsibility strategies and save money in the long term. By investing in renewable technology, you could power your office lighting and facilities, and receive a possible reimbursement from the National Grid, which now has more than 34% of its generation source from renewable energies. Also consider designing space to take in as much light as possible – a simple way to save money and energy with minimal light usage.

In our new blended working world, there will always be a need for in-person meetings and offices. Whatever kind of office project you’re working on, we hope this guideline is useful in facilitating it. Still have questions? We’d love to hear from you.

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