With warmer seasons on the horizon and more time spent enjoying the great outdoors, it can leave building interiors feeling like they need a natural boost. Read on for our 3 top tips for bringing the outside in to your home development.

Use your walls as a window

Using a selection of natural colours and shades, painting interior walls can instantly brighten a room and give them a new sense of energy. We recommend identifying any rooms in your home development that perhaps feel darker, or not as instantly attractive, and use this simple step to greatly improve their feeling of natural connection.

One of our go-to colours for this is Farrow & Ball’s Churlish green (www.farrow-ball.com). It has just the right amount of ‘zing’ and carries the tones of a vibrant country garden. Zoffany’s Monet is another firm favourite, as it never fails to make a space feel fresher.

Looking to go even further? Consider using nature-inspired wallpaper to create your window to the outside. Just simply papering one well-chosen wall can make a significant difference. We suggest checking out Matthew Williamson’s collection for Osborne and Little, which has a great range available to choose from.

Introduce plants, flowers and herbs

Simply adding some potted plants, flowers or greenery to a space is an easy way to bring the outside in. For those who want less involvement, an artificial plant can also be equally successful in making a home development feel more natural. Need inspiration on what’s best to grow? Good Housekeeping has a great guide to the 25 easiest houseplants.

We love solutions that are both beautiful and practical, so our highest award for indoor greenery goes to herbs. With a stylish selection of pots available, growing a chosen set of herbs can instantly boost any kitchen or home development. Offering colour, life and a fresh scent to any room they’re placed in, what could be better? Plus, you’ll never be short while cooking again!

Consider a garden room development

Any sort of garden room is a joy to own. They give you a place to read, relax and chat in any season – not to mention a great source of natural light. We have helped our clients design and build various bespoke garden rooms, allowing them to transform the way they enjoy their property.

Whilst many people tend to think of the classic conservatory or orangery style extension, we have noticed a move towards much more contemporary offerings. This could be with a single story, flat roof addition that uses one or two glazed elevations and a central, large roof-light. For inspiration, Velux have a great range of flat roof windows that are perfect for bringing the outside in.

Externally, using bricks, render or even timber clad, you won’t need to worry about whether your house is contemporary or traditional in style. A garden room makes an appealing extension to any home, with infinite usability. And the good news? You may not even require planning permission. Visit the planning portal to find out more information.

So, what are you waiting for? Get in touch today to find out how we can help you develop your home to bring the outside in.

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