If Covid-19 has taught us anything, it’s that living close to family members is critical and living miles away can be heartbreaking. Zoom is undoubtedly a fantastic resource but it has limitations. How many nights sleep have been lost this year to worry? Would having a parent live next door give you peace of mind and would it give your parent the confidence and a sense of security they long for? Here’s how we can help you create a multigenerational family home.

Helping you bring that bubble home

We can’t alleviate many of our client’s concerns but we can help bring Mum or Dad home.

Could you benefit from the members of your support bubble living next door or at the bottom of the garden? Here are some ideas on how to create that multigenerational family home.

Deciding how to create an annexe by extending, converting, adapting or building an extension

If you are one of the lucky ones who perhaps lives in a rural property and have an old building that’s either ripe for conversion or could be considered as a trade-off for a new building, then you really are very fortunate. In this case your first port of call for your building project would be a good architect with solid experience of similar projects in your local area. We can help you with this.

How do you design an extension on a regular family home to create an annexe?

For most of us the solution is not quite so simple as converting a stable block in the garden and we need to think a little more creatively. It’s time to get the proverbial thinking cap on…

The first thing is to consider is that any space created for an ageing relative is better on the ground floor. With this in mind do you have any available space for a ground floor extension? Do you perhaps have a rickety old garage on the side of your house that could make way for an annexe? Is there perhaps a space that’s crying out for an extension?

Channel your inner nosy neighbour

Assess your plot and if you live in a road of similar homes, perhaps have a walk up and down and draw some inspiration from what others have done coming from a similar starting point.

Remember, your local planning authority will have the facility that you can view previous and current submissions. This is really very helpful because it will give you an idea of what other people have done and how they have used the space. Not only that but it will also give you some insight into what your local authority likes and more importantly doesn’t like. And you can do all this from your laptop and without leaving the sofa.

We have no problems, just solutions: thinking laterally and moving upwards

A common issue is that even with an extension, the creation of a ground floor annexe can eat away at the downstairs space of the family home. You could have the issue of a fabulous annexe and a diminished family home. This is where we need to rethink how we live and spin traditional ideas on their heads.

Let’s not forget, people have lived in apartments and townhouses for years and a drawing room does not have to be on the ground floor of a house. Neither for that matter does a study or a laundry room.

Those Georgians knew a thing or two about architecture and design and they were rather partial to a first floor drawing room. A first floor lounge with a leafy outlook and a Juliette balcony could be just the ticket. Could this be an option?

Incorporating a loft conversion into your multigenerational family home

Could you perhaps build a double storey extension and convert a loft? This could allow you to regain the space you have lost. Loft conversions can often give you a superb bedroom suite or perhaps a home office? Oh the options: food for thought and we haven’t even explored the option of a garden cabin yet.

Get in touch discuss your requirements and see how we can guide you step by step through the planning and building journey. Helping you to bring that multigenerational family home.

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