The way we work has catapulted many of us into 2030 and as a result many people will now split their time between home and office working. Others may limit their time spent in the office to the staff Christmas party (sounds like a fine idea to me). In this green revolution, is now the time for the country move and does rural life have to go hand in hand with going to bed in three jumpers and the joy of a malfunctioning cesspit?

Is it time for you to embrace the green revolution?

With proximity to the station having swapped position with the desire for open spaces and access to the countryside, the rural property market has been enjoying something of a revival thanks to the green revolution. Never have draughty old houses sitting within acres of uninhabited green space looked so very appealing.

On the flip side, rural property has had a certain notoriety when it comes to services, infrastructure and energy consumption. Given the new rules requiring landlords to meet certain EPC requirements, it is expected that as many as 50,000 rural properties may be sold off by landlords (Telegraph). Could this be your opening to a new life in the countryside? And if so, can country living, modern conveniences and ecological features co-exist? Cake and eat it springs to mind.

Exactly how hard is it to incorporate eco features into the renovation of your country property?

We can offer you a beacon of hope because we know that it is possible to live the country dream without waking up with frozen eye lashes, whilst gripping the family dog in lieu of an electric blanket. We have helped many of our client’s cajole their country homes into the present day whilst embracing the green revolution. Yes, the good news is, you can have your cake and eat it too!

With some thought, research and investment, you too could have the best of both worlds by enjoying all the benefits of country living without the cold and inconvenient bits. Read on to see how we can help you go for the green revolution in your home.

Reading your EPC (Energy performance certificate)

If you have bought your home recently, the property would have had an EPC. These indicate the current energy efficiency of the building but also and very importantly make recommendations on how to improve the efficiency. If you have a current EPC, this is a fantastic starting point.

Harnessing the heat & keeping it in. No one wants to live in a colander

One of the largest investments you will ever make is heating your home efficiently. The challenge then comes in keeping that heat in. Taking a house from cold to toasty is a game changer but installing a new heating system is rather a waste if all your new heating is seeping out of your windows, walls, floors and roof. No one wants to live in a colander.

Insulating your home, from the top down

The first place to look is your roof space. If it isn’t insulated, this is good place to start. Speak to one of our experts and we can suggest appropriate products and methods to ensure that the heat lost through your roof is minimised. Insulating a roof space makes such a huge difference to heat loss and the good news is that it is normally fairly easy to do. Remember heat rises. Harness it, don’t lose it!

The next area to consider is your external windows and doors. If you currently have elderly and sad looking single glazed units, you would most definitely benefit from an upgrade. Even if local planning or conservation restrictions mean that you are required to have specialist heritage units, there are normally options available, it may just take a little more research. Upgrading external windows and doors makes such a huge difference to heat loss and your home will look nice and smart too.

This is just the beginning of the march towards the green revolution and we appreciate that many rural homes are very individual and need a unique and tailored approach. We have helped numerous homeowners and could help you too.

Get in touch and see how we can help you convert your creaking country colander into a cosy contemporary home.

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