It’s legal for construction work to continue throughout the current restrictions, but everyone has a responsibility to ensure that strict infection prevention and control measures are followed on site. Here’s how we’re keeping clients and staff safe during home improvements.

Here at A. Mann we have regular meetings with our staff and the company mantra remains:

Behave as if you – and everyone around you – has the virus.”

Now, we know that if any member of our team had the virus, they would be at home until they were symptom free and definitely not on site. But by stressing that everyone needs to act as though both they and their coworkers have the virus, we are following the latest government messaging and seeking to ensure that everyone takes full responsibility for minimising risk and no complacency sets in.

And we reinforce this for everyone, including those who have had Covid-19 and may therefore be tempted to think that they both have immunity and cannot act as a transmitter of the disease. We ask all our team to act with the utmost caution, whether they have previously been exposed to the virus or not.

Living alongside my builder whilst extending and renovating my house

In an ideal world it is obviously better if the property in question is vacant, however we understand that this isn’t always possible. Building the shell of an extension can be easily done without any contact between the building contractor and the homeowner. The same goes for any other external building work. Providing your chosen builder has their own toilet and rest facilities, both builder and homeowner can be quite separate and go about their day without any contact during these home improvements.

How to work with your builder once home improvements move indoors

If you have no other option than to live alongside your builder, the first thing is to keep toilet and wash facilities completely separate – this is most important.

Communicate with your builder and work together to segregate areas into work areas and living areas. Keep these areas completely separate and be prepared that this will probably involve your builder constructing temporary barriers between zones. Your living area will shrink, so be prepared for this.

Will the pandemic slow down my home improvements?

Perhaps – and it’s best to be honest and realistic about this.. The moment a member of staff or a homeowner tests positive and is contacted by Test and Trace, the entire team needs to be notified and appropriate measures taken; this may cause a blip in your build programme. However, the safety of everyone involved is the most important thing. The wellbeing of our staff and clients is our utmost priority and we take our responsibility very seriously, however wherever possible we look for ways to make up any interruptions so that the project remains on track.

How can I help minimise disruption to my build program?

Being organised is absolutely critical. There have been some supply chain delays and forward planning can help to mitigate disruption to your building project. We encourage all our clients to choose and order their fixtures and fittings early to mitigate for this.

We took the decision last spring to acquire extra secure storage for building materials. This means we can forward purchase and keep stocks, including fixtures and fittings purchased directly by our clients, saving stress and keeping build projects on track.

Is now a good time to embark on a building project? Should I build my extension now?

Yes, we have been successfully working over the last 10 months – our clients can testify to this. It just takes a little more thought and planning. Providing you have a builder that you feel you can communicate with and that you are prepared to make decisions early on, you can absolutely build your home improvements now.

The upside is that once you can have friends around, you will have a surprise upgraded home that you can be proud of. Also choosing your new fixtures and fittings will make a welcome change from re-watching box sets!

Get in touch to discuss how we can help you turn your dreams into a reality, we would love to help you.

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