So, we have now become very familiar with our homes and gardens and are noticing things that we would never have invaded our head space pre Covid. Like many other homeowners you may be racking up a mental list of snags and wants in indelible marker pen in the notebook of your mind. And you are now stuck indoors noticing annoying things all about you. Maybe your home has become like a very annoying itch.

Put your list down on paper and then arrange it in order of priority. There may be easy wins that are cost effective and you can do yourself. There also may be larger projects that you need professional help with. Call us, we are still working. It’s all gloves, masks, hand sanitiser and social distancing here. We are striving to keep our staff and clients safe, whilst keeping the cogs turning. We can zoom, call, email, FaceTime or meet outdoors. Call us to find out how we can help you scratch that itch.