What strange times we are now living in. A year ago the idea of queuing outside grocery shops and getting excited about finding flour would have seemed rather Russian Revolution but here we are and boy is it a different world.

One significant change that we have noticed is the change in working habits. Goodbye 7 am commute (so 2019) from Tunbridge Wells and hello home office. This is just great if you have a home office but not so great if you are relegated to the corner of crumb covered kitchen table with small Key Stage 1 co workers. Trying to churn out a proper days work from a meagre corner of a glitter and jam covered table whilst home schooling is far from ideal. Welcome to 2020 people !

Has this horrendous pandemic leapfrogged us 5 years into the world of remote working? We think it has and if you haven’t got a designated work space, bad luck! If this is the face of the future should you perhaps be considering creating your new working environment? A space where you can leave your work out without fear of someone pouring milk over it or smearing marmite in your keyboard. The cat sitting on your keyboard is now the least of your worries.

That piece of solitary work heaven could be closer than you think. We have converted lofts, backs of garages and built dedicated garden buildings. You too could have your little slice of home working heaven.

When season tickets and car parking savings are taken into account, this idea starts to seem less of a dream and more of a reality. And another thing: think how much money you would save on work clothes. Goodbye suits and hello loungewear (otherwise known as pyjamas). Call us for ideas and a quote.